IT Services

Fault Diagnosis, Solutions and Repair (PC Desktop & Laptop)

If you are experiencing software or hardware issues that are causing your PC to underperform or not boot up at all I will provide an efficient fault diagnosis and solution for you.

If you need to keep up with the latest Software Packages but your aging PC just is'nt up to the job I can advise you on the best upgrades for your PC based on your own personal requirements.

If you have a job to do but are unsure of the most suitable Software application to use then I can advise you on the applications available and determine the most cost effective solution for you while also giving you the choice of several packages which may be available.

If you are experiencing problems with Virus attacks or if your PC is running slow due to SpyWare and/or MalWare on your PC I can remedy this and provide advice on the best way to protect your PC from future infections and advise on Anti Virus and Spyware software available - FREE or commercially available products! I will also install all software upgrades and ensure that they are fully functional.

File recovery following accidental file deletion or formatting (contact us immediately after deletion - make no further changes to the damaged disk i.e do not install further software or copy any other data onto the disk) - Recovery may also be possible from corrupted disks which can no longer be accessed by the Operating System.  All disk partitions supported, recovered data will be saved onto DVD.

If you feel like a new start and would like a complete software re-build from scratch this is no problem either...You would need to have the original Software installation CD's for your applications and operating system though...I will also backup your document files prior to re-build

I provide a hardware installation service which includes, Printers, Scanners, Routers and any other hardware you may have, associated cabling for hardware and wireless configuration (where applicable) is also carried out.

PC Maintenance and Fault Prevention (PC Desktop & Laptop)

When your PC is new it is completely clean from any unwanted files, applications, Virus' and mailcious software. It therefore performs to the best of It's ability, this will deteriorate in time though due to the increasing number of applications and utilities that are installed most of which use up valuable system memory when the PC boots. This is why you need to maintain your PC and make sure that it does not get filled up with unwanted "Junk" applications that not only use system memory but also take up hard disk space aswell.

I will give your PC a full MOT and remove any malicious software from the system and cleanup the system registry and remove any unwanted temporary files. Under your direction I can also remove any software applications that you no longer require or may even have been unaware of their presence.


Send by Courier, Remote Assistance or Drop Off & Collect

There are number of ways in which I am able to assist you with your IT problems!

Unlike high street retailers I am fully aware that you may not have the time to spend delivering your IT equipment and then collecting it after repair, this is, of course, still an option.

You are welcome to have your faulty equipment delivered to me directly via a courier of your choice, please contact me if you intend to do this to let me know what equipment you will be sending and when. Please include all relevant information regarding the fault(s)

Remote Assistance - If your PC is functioning and is connected to the internet it may be possible for me (with your permission) to remotely take control of your PC to assist you with any Software based problems you may be having, or even to help you with an application you may require some tuition on.

Drop Off & Collect - This service is available if you would like to drop off your PC to me or have it delivered and returned via courier.

For any of the above services please follow the Contact Us link for details on how to get in touch to provide me with detailed information regarding the problems you are having and I can then suggest the best course of action.